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The easy way to plan, prepare and present radio shows and podcasts.

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Putting together a show can be tricky. Your ideas are spread across emails, notes apps, and scraps of paper around the studio.

Planning the next show becomes a pain. Not everyone has access to the same stuff. Who did what, when? Why can I never find anything?!

Showhost brings together everything you need in one place. Access the tools and info you need, so you can focus on the show itself.

Get your show together

Building a running order is as easy as making a shopping list.

Just add in the items. You’ll have everything in one place.

When plans change, change your plan - with just a drag and drop.

Make a note of that

Showhost is the perfect place to jot down your ideas.

Drop in a picture, make a to-do list, paste a tweet, or attach an audio clip.

Got an idea you're happy with? Notes can be copied straight in to a running order.

Keep your team in sync

Everything in Showhost is shared with your teammates. It's a place to collaborate.

When you change today’s running order, they’ll see those changes.

And when they make a note of their next great show idea, you'll see it too.

It's showtime!

Showhost’s Live Assist Mode keeps you on track.

Focus on the current item - and with one tap, you're on to the next thing. And the next.

You'll never lose your place when there's no time for distractions.

Comfortable, easy-to-read text. Prefer a larger font size in the studio? You can do that.
05:00:00 (+2 mins)
Put in timings for your segments and Showhost will take care of the fiddly calculations.
in production
Add labels so everything is categorised and easy to find when you need it most.

Just $6 a month

Add your whole team, with no per-user fees. Includes 20GB storage.

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