Aiir launches new product Showhost

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Aiir, the radio tech company known worldwide for websites, mobile apps and Studio Inbox, has launched a standalone new product - Showhost.

Showhost is a place for individuals or teams to plan, prepare and present their radio show or podcast.

Showhost allows users to easily build ‘running orders’ with drag and drop blocks. Each block can be assigned timings, with Showhost making it easy to see whether you’re running to time.

For shows with a consistent format, templates can be created, speeding up building each show. Showhost’s “Notes” section becomes a team’s shared notepad for ideas and show preparation, with notes easily dropped into running orders.

When it comes to presenting or recording, Showhost’s “Live Assist Mode” lets the user focus on the current item and navigate through the show, with all members of a team kept in sync throughout.

Showhost costs just £5/$6 a month for a whole team, and you can sign up for a free 14-day trial at - and there’s no card details required so you can get started using it in under a minute.

Gav Richards, CTO at Aiir said:

"While so many parts of making radio shows and podcasts have been transformed by technology, show planning still is usually pen and paper, word docs or spreadsheets. With Showhost, we built something that really works best for producers and presenters, in a way that can’t be matched on paper - giving them flexibility and a space to be creative."

Jonathan Cresswell, Lead Designer at Aiir added:

"This year has seen big challenges to the way people work - and particularly how you work together across different locations. Showhost is designed to make that sort of collaboration effortless, so you can focus on making your show the best it can be."

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